Why Men Should Grow Their Beard

2016 and 2017 was the year when beards are coming back to become a trend among guys. In case you do not know how awesome it is to let your natural hair grow and rock a beard, you need to stop shaving today.


Makes you look more masculine

Facial hair has always been associated with masculinity. It is partly the reason why women like to have their body hairless from armpits, mustache, leg hair, and also pubic hair. Any guy that decides to grow their beards will instantly look older, wiser, and more manly. Try this once in your lifetime at least to know whether this look is for you or not. It is just hair anyway, and you can always shave it right away if you do not like it. The key to having a beautiful looking one like those you see on models and movies are not now the right cut and maintenance for it. Luckily because the beard is on trend right now, anyone without exception will find a product that is made for them. For example, Black men with beards – lifted kulture is the product that will work best for a man of color.

Shaving every day is a hassle

barberEvery guy wants to sleep as long as possible before kicking the day off and getting to work. So cutting any extra routine or any preparation so you can have more sleep time is going to be worth it. Even if it is not for that, shaving is a hassle anyway to do every single day. There must be a point in your life where you are tired of doing it because you wonder why you have to bother with making your shaft hairless.

Attract the right person

coupleThere are only three responds that girls will have for your beard, the first one is they love it because it is attractive in their opinion, then it might be not their thing so they are not here for it, or they are the type that does not care about how a man looks. Either way, as a person you want to attract a partner that will love you unconditionally no matter what, and someone who cares more about personality than appearance. It will suck to date someone that only likes you when you have a certain look or do not support a change to do something different. If you can make a girl falls in love with you while you have the beard, then you can be sure that she is not going to be that fussy girlfriend.…

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Facts to Know About Email faxing

To many people, faxing is an old practice. However, it offers some unique benefits, which has made most businesses stick to it. If you are struggling to use you old fax machines just like many of us, you can always try the new and better way of faxing shared at Faxzee. Jammed papers, poor clarity, and spending lots of time before sending or receiving a document are some of the many challenges linked with conventional faxing methods.

Notably, some people have not been confident enough to make this switch. In most instances, it is not because they do not have better alternatives to faxing. Most people, especially the older generations, tend to be resistant to these changes. If you are yet to give email faxing a try, you can rest assured that there is no better way of faxing than using your emails. Email faxing is just as simple as sending a regular email when you know how to go about it.

Why email faxing

No more machine problems

Faxing machines tend to be somehow mechanical. If you own and use a fax machine, you should be prepared for things like paper jams, which are often expensive and time-consuming. Even better, you no longer need to have a budget for things like toner supplies, paper, or schedule for routine maintenance or repairs. With email faxing, what you only need is a virtual faxing number, email, and an active Internet connection.

Lack of clarity

Another issue with conventional faxing is lack of clarity. This might pose significant operational challenges or confusion. With email faxing, you can send clean and neat documents using varied document formats. Once you send, the fax service provider then handles the conversion of these documents, ensuring that the recipient gets the best quality.

More features

fax machine 2Besides the technical limitations offered by traditional faxing, email faxing has redefined the process of sending faxes. Email users are now able to enjoy a whole list of benefits that are not offered by fax machines. For instance, the fax broadcasting service gives you an opportunity to send a document to multiple recipients at once. You can also receive timely notifications on your smartphone when you have an incoming fax, which was not possible before.

Email faxing services are accessible on any computer provided you have an active connection. However, you also need to subscribe to an email-faxing plan that fits your faxing volume. If you are new to this, most providers offer a free trial plan to help you make a decision.…

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Elements of Delicious Homemade Beef Jerky

Modern food preservation techniques have taken over from the traditional methods. As a result of this, many are missing the joy of indulging in meals such as beef jerky. Traditionally, beef jerky was prepared by dicing meat into thin slices and drying it out using direct sunlight for a couple of days. This isn’t possible during winter or cloudy days. However, there is no reason for pushing beef jerky off your home’s weekly or monthly menu because it’s possible to prepare beef in this manner using modern kitchen appliances.

Preservation concept

dehyding Homemade beef jerky is prepared using the moisture removal concept. Beef and other meat-related foodstuffs usually go wrong because the moisture in them support bacterial and fungus growth which attract food flies and houseflies that bring on disease-causing microbes. Fat don’t often dry out entirely making it advisable to go for lean meat whenever you want to prepare beef jerky at home. Remember to add salt since salt is hygroscopic. This means that it absorbs water from the meat to catalyze the drying process. Note that well-preserved beef jerky can be stored for months without cooking, making it one of the best ways to stabilize your home’s food security issues.

The recipe

You don’t need specialized cooking classes to prepare a delicious meal of beef jerky. If you want to make 2 lbs of a flanked stake, for example, you could start by steaming the meat jerky to soften it. Pressure cookers come in handy at this point because they enable you to carry out he cooking process within a short time. If you don’t like raw spices, then you could always add the spices at the steaming stage. Note that some spices lose their flavor when cooked for too long. You can subsequently add them up when the meat is about to get ready for the second preparation stage.

Getting the flavor right

tasteWhat you do with the meat after steaming it entirely depends on the cooking ingredients that you have in your kitchen. The easiest way around this process, however, is to fry onions in a separate cooking pot. Dip tomatoes in a bowl of hot water and peel them off before grinding them into a paste. If you don’t mind processed cooking additives, then you could always go for tomatoes paste to speed up the preparation process.

Add honey and freshly ground black paper and then dip the meat slices into the pot of ingredients. Add water or milk and let the meat simmer until the parts get synchronized with the chicken. This means that you should be able to taste the meat’s flavor in the soup or gravy. The best way to attain this is to let the chicken simmer on low heat for about an hour.

Gravy homemade beef jerky can be served with an array of meals such as whole grains and bread. This means that you can have beef jerky for breakfast, lunch or supper. Delve into online cooking resources to learn other ways to prepare meat jerky as this enables you to make this delicious and healthy meal preparation method a regular activity in your kitchen.…

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PC Gaming Tips For Beginners

When you think of gaming, you’d usually think of console gaming using controllers and a television monitor. With the continuous development of technology, gamers are starting to switch to PC gaming instead. PC gaming is a bit more complicated than console gaming, and it may overwhelm you first. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Know your gaming experience

Everyone has their own preferred gaming experience. There is an abundance of gaming categories available. Newbies in PC gaming should start with slow paced games that don’t require high-end accessories. Start with mild games that you will get addicted to, such as Super Mario. Then, you can slowly move up to faster games, and adjust your PC’s specs for higher-end games. Games such as Battlefield 3 or Warcraft III requires a more advanced gaming computer than your regular PC.

minecraft castle

Get the right accessories

Accessories will enhance your gaming experience. Invest in a top budget monitor and level up your mouse. If you prefer a controller, there are plenty of PC gaming controllers around. You must adjust these accessories with the games that you prefer. Although, there’s nothing wrong with getting yourself fancy ones for high-end games that you might want to try in the future.

pc mouse

Set up Steam or Origin

Most long-time PC gamers will tell you that almost all the fun in PC gaming is online. You can group up somewhere, bring your laptops and have a PC gaming party. Or, you could just be at home and play games with your friends online. Steam is a well-known service with millions of players registered. If you’re into EA games, you can also use Origin, although the registry is a bit more tricky.

Prepare back up

The last thing you want is your saved games disappearing from your PC if anything ever happens to it. Backing up your saved games not only ensures that it’s safely stored, but it also will make it easier for you to play your games on another computer. You can synchronize your game in the built-in Cloud feature available in Steam, manually save it to Dropbox or an external drive.

When all of these things are set up, you will undoubtedly have the best PC gaming experience. Along the way, you will learn more about the accessories, software, and installments necessary for more advanced PC gaming.…

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Impact of Social Media on Business Growth

The digital revolution currently witnessed in the world has no doubt brought with its resources that can either make or break a business – but this time let us focus on the making part of it. Social media is an opportunity that every business should set its attention on. Apart from the hundreds of millions of members, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn offer the ideal mechanism for businesses to connect with potential customers.

1.Driving web traffic

Social media accounts are easy to assemble and establish your online visibility. The registration process is quick, and almost anyone can register without breaking a sweat. As long as only useful content cuts, then you are good to go! Interesting content has the power to draw more figures to your business as more people will be encouraged to click on the share button. Such recommendations are effective in the mission to massively expand your reach.

2. Forming closer relationships

social mediaSocial media is an effective tool for any business looking to have a warm and welcoming relationship with its clients. Companies can interact directly with the customers who in many cases have questions they need to be answered before purchase. The fast and clear response is important especially for companies who know why they are in business. Content creation is also key as it gives the client a clear picture of what the product entails, and also answers most – if not all – of the frequently asked questions. Having interesting and useful information on your page will position you as an expert in the field.

3. Broadcasting content

Whether it is news, articles or offers, social media provides the best platform to share these ideas. Even though the intention is to sell, beware of using too much sales-pitch when posting the content. Most people prefer honesty to sales – and truth be told – the main aim here is to get proper value for the money spent. Joining the conversation is also an added advantage to any enterprise because commenting and sharing with potential customers will increase the trust in the product or service.

4. Social advertising

Charged on a cost-per-click basis, social advertising provides an effectual way of doing business. Business owners, as well as managers, should work to ensure that the advertisements posted on the social media platform are more targeted and relevant to increase the chances of a positive return. The uniqueness and effectiveness brought by these ads are that they allow companies to advertise to the users – e.g., Facebook users – based on the information on their profile.

That said, you need to hire professionals at times – if not permanently – to make sure that everything is on track. These experts include marketing strategists, content creators, and editors who are better trained and qualified to maximize the use of the social platform. Remember, a dreary page is a dreadful page for any potential customer out there.…

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Role of Good Nutrition in the Body

Living a healthy life relies heavily on our eating habits. Eating healthy is not an easy thing. However, being strictly committed to a balanced and healthy diet is the best decision you can ever make in your life. It is the only way to avoid spending to much time and money doing remedies to your damaged body. It can be very challenging even when choosing the right food to stick with. You can always consult with nutrition for recommendations.

Some meals are important to our bodies, but when they are taken in plenty, they have negative implications for our health. A healthy eating implies that you avoid taking too much sugar, fat, and sodium. There are several benefits of eating nutritious foods. Here are the roles of good nutrition to the body

Improves your performance

health dietBeing on a poor diet can greatly reduce your physical and mental health. Eating balanced and healthy foods can help you to be ever active. Just like a motor, your brain needs to be fueled from time to time to be active. However, it must be the right type of meal for the long run of your health. Including fruits and vegetables in your diet will make your brain very active and you will never experience any mental problems. The patients in the mental hospitals are given more fruits to make their brains at ease and improve their brain tranquility. Your overall well-being is protected by including complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and essential fats in your diet.

Saves money

It is very expensive to be unhealthy. Most people around the world have been heart problems and overweight issues. This is caused by eating unhealthy foods. A healthier and balanced diet can save a lot of money that is wasted to treat nutrition-related diseases. We can avoid such wastage by simply sticking to a balanced diet. Some chronic diseases that are caused by poor and unhealthy diet include coronary heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes. They are very risky and expensive diseases to treat. Therefore make sure you eat well to avoid wasting money on future health issues.

Maintains immune system

Your immune system helps to fight against all diseases. Poor nutrition will weaken your immune system, and you will be prone to all kind of diseases. Malnutrition is the major cause of immunodeficiency diseases all around the world. Maintaining your immune system relies on the type of food you eat. The main food that helps to boost your immunity is vitamins. Therefore, ensure that you eat more vitamins and minerals. Vitamins are mainly found in vegetables and fruits. Also, avoid foods that have more fats contents.

Provides energy

Without energy, our body organs cannot work. A good nutrition supplies us with the required energy to go about daily activities. Energy is derived the all the foods and drinks we take because they contain starch. Proteins, vitamins and carbohydrate foods contain starch which is broken down by respiration to supply energy to our body tissues. Make you include a reasonable amount of carbs, fats, and vitamins to help you have the energy to move because without energy we cannot do anything.good diet


Without a balanced diet, particularly proteins, our body tissues can not enlarge. Young kids and teenagers require enough proteins which are essential for growth. Also, seniors require them for the repair of worn out cells.…

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