Why Men Should Grow Their Beard

2016 and 2017 was the year when beards are coming back to become a trend among guys. In case you do not know how awesome it is to let your natural hair grow and rock a beard, you need to stop shaving today.


Makes you look more masculine

Facial hair has always been associated with masculinity. It is partly the reason why women like to have their body hairless from armpits, mustache, leg hair, and also pubic hair. Any guy that decides to grow their beards will instantly look older, wiser, and more manly. Try this once in your lifetime at least to know whether this look is for you or not. It is just hair anyway, and you can always shave it right away if you do not like it. The key to having a beautiful looking one like those you see on models and movies are not now the right cut and maintenance for it. Luckily because the beard is on trend right now, anyone without exception will find a product that is made for them. For example, Black men with beards – lifted kulture is the product that will work best for a man of color.

Shaving every day is a hassle

barberEvery guy wants to sleep as long as possible before kicking the day off and getting to work. So cutting any extra routine or any preparation so you can have more sleep time is going to be worth it. Even if it is not for that, shaving is a hassle anyway to do every single day. There must be a point in your life where you are tired of doing it because you wonder why you have to bother with making your shaft hairless.

Attract the right person

coupleThere are only three responds that girls will have for your beard, the first one is they love it because it is attractive in their opinion, then it might be not their thing so they are not here for it, or they are the type that does not care about how a man looks. Either way, as a person you want to attract a partner that will love you unconditionally no matter what, and someone who cares more about personality than appearance. It will suck to date someone that only likes you when you have a certain look or do not support a change to do something different. If you can make a girl falls in love with you while you have the beard, then you can be sure that she is not going to be that fussy girlfriend.…

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Main Types of Afro Kinky Hair

Afro hair is one of the most fragile and delicate hair types. This hair requires tender care and gentle handling for it to flourish and grow. This includes eating a healthy diet, maintaining the hair regimen, and using protective styling. Its texture mainly determines the hair’s needs and the amount of care needed to maintain it.

These extensions are crafted from natural, human hair. In fact, they have a natural look and feel that makes them identical to the human hair. You should invest in high-quality and real afro hair extensions. Low-quality extensions that feel and look lousy should be avoided at all cost.

You can choose the best afro hair extension by knowing the different types of hair extensions. This post is going to discuss the  the Best afro kinky curly hair online and their features.

Identifying the Types of Afro Kinky Hair

beautiful lady-afro hair

Knowing the different types of hair extensions can help you in taking care of your hair. The main types of hair systems include LOIS, Walker hair typing and FIA hair typing systems.

Andre Walker’s method is the most popular method amongst people. Most queens prefer coiled or tightly curled hair. Type 4 hair texture is known for being one of the most densely packed and fragile hair. In fact, it is considered as both kinky coiled or kinky curly. There are three categories of this hair namely 4C, 4B, and 4A. Their unique appearance and texture distinguish them.

Type 4A Hair

Its natural state is almost similar to letter S especially when it is clean. It has a curl pattern which is identified by its defined coils. It is capable of retaining moisture for a long time. It should be taken care of by applying conditioners and hair shampoos. These products are helpful in preventing it from becoming damaged or dry. Shampoos are also used for rehydrating the parched strands. Other products that can help you in maintaining this hair include light hair butter, hair milk, and natural oils.

Type 4B Hair

hair cream

4B hair has a texture that is less defined as compared to that of 4A hair. Its single strands resemble letter Z. It is one of those hairstyles that have sharp angles. It is taken care of by using the best hair care regimens. You can also use LOC method to apply moisture to this hair after washing it. This involves applying oil, a leave-in-conditioner and cream.

Type 4C Hair

This hair does not have a defined curl pattern. It mainly consists of tightly coiled hair strands. It is one of the fragile kinds of hairs that are densely packed. It should be taken care of regularly to prevent damage and breakage.…

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