Growing vegetables, flowers, and fruits in the backyard, patio, balconies, including the roof, works like magic in transforming a house into a home. Gardening is simply a medicine that not only works to please the eyes but also goes deeper to charm the spirits that provide mental peace. It is more than just a dig-drop-and-bury affair since it engages the spirits of the living that connect plant life with human life. If you are feeling the urge to do some gardening, here are some ideas to set you off on the journey.

Before even getting started on gardening, it is important that you carefully select the site. This must be done in consideration of the plants you want to grow. Some fruits, flowers, and shrubs grow well in sunlight while others require a partially shaded area to thrive. Remember to select a spot where you can easily water and care for the plants.

After you have settled on an ideal gardening spot, comes the time to think about the garden’s layout. It depends on what you need to grow and must be done in consideration of space between plants and sowing distance. Vines in particular need of space for supporting them without disturbing other plants. Decide on a layout that supports proper soil drainage because waterlogging will cause root rot.

Beginners should grow row herbs, vegetables, and flowers from seeds to avoid disappointment and speed up the process. A seedbed must have sufficient moisture lest the seeds fail to germinate. There are different requirements and conditions for growing seeds so you must carefully read the instructions on the package to avoid mistakes.home garden tips

If you decide to grow plants indoors on the terrace or balcony, use raised beds or containers. Make sure these have proper aeration and drainage to avoid mold growth and eventual death of the plant. Flower baskets and hanging pots are a good idea on a balcony, but you must make sure that the wind isn’t too harsh to your plants.

For proper gardening, you need to invest in a few basic tools that will ease daily tasks. A watering can, sprayer, gloves, hand trowel, hoe, and wheelbarrow are some of the basic tools each serious gardener should have. This will help you prepare the soil and provide ample care for your plants so you can be happy during harvest season.

If you decide to plant vegetables in your garden, make sure your choices are hardy and fast growing to avoid disappointment. Tomato, herbs, cabbage, okra, broccoli, carrot, potato, peas, and chillis are a good place to start. You can also grow fruits like plums, watermelon, oranges, mango, berries, and guava among others.

Flowers are a great choice for balconies not only for their beauty but also for the beautiful scents wafting indoors. Jasmine, daisy, rose, and marigold flowers are excellent choices for a beginner’s garden. They do not demand too much work and take a short time to bloom.

Gardening is good for the spirit, and the plants you grow will certainly contribute to fresher air in addition to a greener world. These gardening tips will help you get started, and in a short while, you will have a bountiful harvest to brag about.