Top Cat Care Tips

cat relaxingIf you own a cat, you have to do a lot to ensure that your feline friend stays clean and healthy at all times. Based on the facts shared on this feline blog, you should not wait to see signs of your cat having health issues for you to start caring for it. Below are a few cat care tips that you can use.

Groom the Cat Regularly

You should groom your cat regularly, irrespective of whether it has long or short fur. Combing or brushing should work just fine. It helps to remove dead hair from the cat, ensuring that the cat will not ingest its far as it grooms itself. While you groom the cat, you also get an opportunity to notice any changes that might be occurring on its body. Examples of the things that you can notice include bumps, lumps, and sore spots. You can then take necessary actions in time, such as taking the cat to the veterinarian.

Give It Fresh Water Regularly

You should ensure that you provide your cat with clean water every day to keep it in good health. Keep in mind that cats might have preferences regarding the container from which they can drink. For example, your cat might not want to drink from a bowl, so you might consider giving it freshwater in a tall glass. You can also invest in a cat fountain, which ensures that the water remains clean during the entire day.

Have Enough Litter Boxes

For a case where you have more than one cat in your home, you should ensure that you have a different litter box for each cat, and add an extra one. Doing so will ensure that your cats develop good litter box habits. You should also ensure that the litter boxes are clean at all times. To do so, ensure that you scoop the litter boxes at least once each day.

Train the Cat to Use a Scratching Post

Training your cat to use a scratching post can go a long way to preventing damage to your furniture. Additionally, it will also help the cat to stretch its muscles and keep its paws in a healthy condition. It helps to remove old layers from its claws. The scratching post can be a surface such as a carpet, cardboard, or sisal.   cat relaxing

Clean the Cat’s Teeth

Just as humans, cats do develop tartar on teeth when the teeth are not cleaned regularly. Tartar can result in tooth decay and gum disease if not dealt with. However, you cannot brush the teeth of your cat. Instead, you should schedule a teeth-cleaning session with a veterinarian at least once or twice a year.

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