Elements of Delicious Homemade Beef Jerky

Modern food preservation techniques have taken over from the traditional methods. As a result of this, many are missing the joy of indulging in meals such as beef jerky. Traditionally, beef jerky was prepared by dicing meat into thin slices and drying it out using direct sunlight for a couple of days. This isn’t possible during winter or cloudy days. However, there is no reason for pushing beef jerky off your home’s weekly or monthly menu because it’s possible to prepare beef in this manner using modern kitchen appliances.

Preservation concept

dehyding Homemade beef jerky is prepared using the moisture removal concept. Beef and other meat-related foodstuffs usually go wrong because the moisture in them support bacterial and fungus growth which attract food flies and houseflies that bring on disease-causing microbes. Fat don’t often dry out entirely making it advisable to go for lean meat whenever you want to prepare beef jerky at home. Remember to add salt since salt is hygroscopic. This means that it absorbs water from the meat to catalyze the drying process. Note that well-preserved beef jerky can be stored for months without cooking, making it one of the best ways to stabilize your home’s food security issues.

The recipe

You don’t need specialized cooking classes to prepare a delicious meal of beef jerky. If you want to make 2 lbs of a flanked stake, for example, you could start by steaming the meat jerky to soften it. Pressure cookers come in handy at this point because they enable you to carry out he cooking process within a short time. If you don’t like raw spices, then you could always add the spices at the steaming stage. Note that some spices lose their flavor when cooked for too long. You can subsequently add them up when the meat is about to get ready for the second preparation stage.

Getting the flavor right

tasteWhat you do with the meat after steaming it entirely depends on the cooking ingredients that you have in your kitchen. The easiest way around this process, however, is to fry onions in a separate cooking pot. Dip tomatoes in a bowl of hot water and peel them off before grinding them into a paste. If you don’t mind processed cooking additives, then you could always go for tomatoes paste to speed up the preparation process.

Add honey and freshly ground black paper and then dip the meat slices into the pot of ingredients. Add water or milk and let the meat simmer until the parts get synchronized with the chicken. This means that you should be able to taste the meat’s flavor in the soup or gravy. The best way to attain this is to let the chicken simmer on low heat for about an hour.

Gravy homemade beef jerky can be served with an array of meals such as whole grains and bread. This means that you can have beef jerky for breakfast, lunch or supper. Delve into online cooking resources to learn other ways to prepare meat jerky as this enables you to make this delicious and healthy meal preparation method a regular activity in your kitchen.…

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