PC Gaming Tips For Beginners

When you think of gaming, you’d usually think of console gaming using controllers and a television monitor. With the continuous development of technology, gamers are starting to switch to PC gaming instead. PC gaming is a bit more complicated than console gaming, and it may overwhelm you first. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Know your gaming experience

Everyone has their own preferred gaming experience. There is an abundance of gaming categories available. Newbies in PC gaming should start with slow paced games that don’t require high-end accessories. Start with mild games that you will get addicted to, such as Super Mario. Then, you can slowly move up to faster games, and adjust your PC’s specs for higher-end games. Games such as Battlefield 3 or Warcraft III requires a more advanced gaming computer than your regular PC.

minecraft castle

Get the right accessories

Accessories will enhance your gaming experience. Invest in a top budget monitor and level up your mouse. If you prefer a controller, there are plenty of PC gaming controllers around. You must adjust these accessories with the games that you prefer. Although, there’s nothing wrong with getting yourself fancy ones for high-end games that you might want to try in the future.

pc mouse

Set up Steam or Origin

Most long-time PC gamers will tell you that almost all the fun in PC gaming is online. You can group up somewhere, bring your laptops and have a PC gaming party. Or, you could just be at home and play games with your friends online. Steam is a well-known service with millions of players registered. If you’re into EA games, you can also use Origin, although the registry is a bit more tricky.

Prepare back up

The last thing you want is your saved games disappearing from your PC if anything ever happens to it. Backing up your saved games not only ensures that it’s safely stored, but it also will make it easier for you to play your games on another computer. You can synchronize your game in the built-in Cloud feature available in Steam, manually save it to Dropbox or an external drive.

When all of these things are set up, you will undoubtedly have the best PC gaming experience. Along the way, you will learn more about the accessories, software, and installments necessary for more advanced PC gaming.…

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